Collection of instruments

The Instruments we Offer

Explore the range of instruments we offer and find the perfect one to learn 


What began as simple horns to notify communities of news, the brass instruments have transformed throughout time and technological advancements to instruments we know and recognise today.


Woodwind instruments originally got their name from being made from a piece of hollowed-out wood that the player blows through, to make a sound. 


Likely the most versatile instrument in the world and we all have one... the human voice. Whatever your singing style, let us help you find your voice.


Stringed instruments have featured in a classical orchestra for centuries. This family includes the violin, viola, cello and double bass.


All the great guitarists started somewhere, and this can be your starting point.

Drum Kit and Percussion

The percussion section has the largest collection of instruments of all families.

Keyboard and Piano

Explore the instantly recognisable piano and keyboard, instruments that can be heard in every genre of music.