What you will learn

In the first term you will learn how to hold the instrument correctly, how to vibrate or ‘buzz’ your lips to create sounds and breathing techniques. You will also begin to learn a piece of work by Mozart and learn to play a piece from John Williams’ epic Star Wars film score.

Make a good sound

Learning how to hold the instrument and form the correct lip shape (embouchure) will help you to make a good, consistent sound. You will also start to explore how to control your breathing and tonguing to sound notes clearly. 

Play well-known tunes

When you havelearnt just a few notes, you will be able to play a selection of tunes in different musical styles. 

Learn to read musical notation

As you learn to play different tunes, you will also be introduced to musical notation. As you become more confident reading music, a whole world of musical opportunities will open up! 

Making Music with Others

Making music is a fun and sociable activity and after just a few weeks you will be ready to make music with others. Brass, percussion and woodwind players may also be interested in joining our Adult Concert Band that meets weekly in Brighton.