What you will learn

Catered to your personal musical tastes, you will learn all the basics of how to get the most from your voice. Breath control, diaphragm control, head voice, chest voice – there's more to singing than first meets the eye! Through this course you will learn a number of songs as well as technical exercises and theory behind the notes.

Singing boosts your confidence

Many people get nervous at the thought of performing in public, but singing in a group can actually help boost your confidence and fire up your self-esteem – and the more you do it, the more confident you’ll feel. Good posture is also a key factor in hitting the high notes, so you’ll find you’re naturally standing taller by the end.

Singing can enhance your skills

Alongside the joy that singing brings and just the sheer fun of making music, learning to sing can also help to improve other skills. Singing may release endorphins associated with feelings of enhanced wellbeing and has been shown to good for both body and mind.  Additionally, you could learn to read music, explore different musical styles and develop your understanding of music theory through your practical lessons.


We often take our lungs for granted, but most of us rarely use them to their full capacity. The way singing requires you to breathe makes you do just that, increasing your lung capacity as well as engaging the muscles around the ribcage.



Making music is a fun and sociable activity and after just a few weeks you will be ready to make music with others.