What You will Learn

You will learn your way around a drum kit – from the snare and kick drums to the tom toms, hi-hat and cymbals. Before long you'll be playing along with the likes of Song 2 by Blur, and We Will Rock You by Queen. Most importantly, you'll have loads of fun!

Make a good sound

Make a good sound: You will learn the different techniques to help you make a clear and articulate sound which will allow your drums to cut through the mix of guitars, keys and vocals or in other musical situation you find yourself in!

Play well-known tunes

When you havelearnt just a few beats, you will be able to play a selection of tunes in different musical styles. 

Learn to read musical notation

As you learn to play different tunes, you will also be introduced to musical notation. As you become more confident reading music, a whole world of musical opportunities will open up!