What You Will Learn 

Initially you will learn the five fingered hand position in both hands and very soon you will start playing simple melodies with hands together such as Au Claire de la Lune. As your skills develop you will explore a wide range of repertoire written by composers including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms as well as more contemporary music.

Make a good sound

Establishing good posture and a secure hand position in both hands is key to developing a good sound. Technical exercises support the development of a consistent and controlled sound. This will enable you to play with dynamic contrast and sensitive musical phrasing.

Play well-known tunes 

When you havelearnt just a few notes, you will be able to play a selection of tunes in different musical styles. 

Learn to read musical notation  

As you learn to play different tunes, you will also be introduced to musical notation. From the beginning you will learn to read treble and bass clefs and gradually extend your skills to reading increasingly complex rhythmic and melodic parts.

Make music with others

Making music is a fun and sociable activity. After just a few weeks you will be able to make music with others – in your lessons, with friends or at one of our Music Centres.