What you will learn

Pupils will explore the different parts of the drum kit by playing a variety of exercises that develop key coordination and control skills. A series of pop-style beats will be introduced for kick-drum, snare drum and cymbals. Once timekeeping skills have been established, you’ll have lots fun playing to different backing tracks so that you feel like the drummer in a band.

Making a Good Sound

A variety of sticking techniques will be learnt to help you produce a clear and consistent sound from the drum kit. A key element is also developing a strong sense of coordination between hands and feet so that the sound of the kit is well balanced. You will develop excellent listening skills to help with playing with other musicians.

Making a good sound

Although it is not essential to be able to read music to play in a band, music reading skills are taught during lessons. These enable to drummers to develop their theoretical knowledge, have greater independence and provide the skills to be able to play in big bands, concert bands and shows.

Play well known songs

Having learnt the basic skills to play grooves and fills you will be able to take on modern and old classic songs by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Cold Play, Bob Marley,, AC/DC, Stormzy, Usher and Wretch 32. You can then go on to join one of our Rock and Pop courses to try out your abilities in a real band!

Make music with others

Making music is a fun and sociable activity. After just a few weeks you will be able to make music with others – in your lessons, with friends or at one of our Music Centres.