What You Will Learn

Before the end of the first term, we’ll have you playing well known riffs such as White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army and Queen’s we will rock you before moving on to different genres and styles, from soul to funk to heavy rock and more.  

Enhanced Skills

Alongside the wellbeing benefits, the joy it brings and just the sheer fun of making music, learning to play an instrument like the guitar builds enhanced skills, and helps the brain forge new connections. 

Play well-known tunes 

When you havelearnt just a few notes, you will be able to play a selection of tunes in different musical styles. 

Learn to read musical notation 

As you learn to play different tunes, you will also be introduced to musical notation. As you become more confident reading music, a whole world of musical opportunities will open up! 

Make music with others

Making music is a fun and sociable activity. After just a few weeks you will be able to make music with others – in your lessons, with friends or at one of our Music Centres.

Bass Guitar