How Lessons Work

We are on a mission to bring the magic of music into every home and school in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex with music lessons in school or online. 

We know playing an instrument or learning to sing helps young people to unlock imagination, boosts confidence, lifts spirits and improves literacy, numeracy and listening skills. So, with us and our specialist music teachers, your child will develop their love of music and learn creative skills for life.  

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Programmes 

Instrumental and vocal lessons are provided at schools and colleges across East Sussex and at our Music Centres.

  • Pupils have the opportunity to learn in small groups or individually.
  • Group lessons are 30 minutes in duration where there are 3-5 children learning together, and paired 20-minute lessons are available for groups of 2.
  • 20-minute and 30-minute individual lessons are also available.
  • Lessons take place during the school day by arrangement with schools.  Lessons for some instruments may take place at one of our area music centres.
  • The lessons focus on developing instrumental and vocal techniques, listening and ensemble skills and playing music in a wide range of styles.
  • Pupils are offered 30 lessons across the academic year.


We are committed to meeting the learning needs of all young musicians and in response to demand we are also able to offer online lessons outside of the school day. All you need to join an online lesson is a computer, tablet or smartphone with webcam access to the Internet.  

Please choose the ONLINE option from the school dropdown menu on the application form.

Collaboration and Performance Opportunities

All pupils are offered a variety of opportunities outside of lessons to help them extend their musical experiences and reach their musical potential.  All young musicians are encouraged to:

  • Perform at school in concerts, assemblies, and class music lessons
  • Join an ensemble, band, or orchestra
  • Sing in a choir
  • Take part in county-wide projects and events
  • Attend a range of music courses and projects throughout the year 

Applying for Lessons  


Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before applying for your child 


Apply Online

Pupils can apply at any time if they know which instrument they wish to learn 

Apply for lessons online 


Waiting List  

Lessons are subject to a minimum number of applications being received for the same instrument. If there are too few applications, the instrument is oversubscribed or currently not available at your child’s school they will be added to a waiting list. Waiting lists are regularly monitored with the aim of starting tuition as soon as possible  


Wait for Contact from the Teacher

Your child’s instrumental teacher will contact you to confirm the day or time of the first lesson.


Obtain an Instrument 

When you have received confirmation of the start date, arrangements will need to be made to obtain an instrument in readiness for the first lesson. We have a stock of instruments which are available to hire. Please note we are unable to hire electric instruments or drum kits. 

Find out more about hiring instruments with us