I am a complete beginner – can I still start lessons with you?

Yes, we are able to teach beginners, more advanced players and/or those who may not have played their instrument for many years.

Can I hire an instrument from you?

Depending on availability we are able to hire some instruments to adult learners. We do not have keyboards, electric guitars, drum kits or saxophones for hire.

I would rather have lessons in person, is that possible?

Our adult learner programme is designed to be delivered online and so we are not currently offering in person or face-to-face tuition for adult learners.

What if I don’t hit it off with my teacher?

Before lessons begin, we will try to match you with the most appropriate member of our specialist teaching team. This teacher will contact you before beginning lessons, for an initial consultation. Following this meeting both teacher and learner will be asked if they would like to proceed before lessons are booked. 

Can I have a group lesson with other adults?

Currently we are offering online lessons for individuals only. However, it is possible to teach 2 adults from the same household together. Please contact us to discuss this. There is also the option to join our Adult Concert Band, for players of brass, woodwind or percussion instruments.