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Other ways to support us

You can help support us in several ways, from joining our encore network to hosting a concert or fundraising on our behalf. 


encore is our fundraising network that connects musicians and supporters through regular newsletters and events. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll hear about what the ensembles are up to, concerts they are playing and how our work is supporting new players. If you become an encore member, you’ll also receive free invites to concerts throughout the year. 

We like to stay connected with our past players and host annual reunions to meet up and play together. We also love to hear what you get up to when you leave us (whether you continue as a musician or not!), so please do stay in touch, share your stories and photos, or write a blog for us.

We work with a wide range of professional musicians and composers to teach, inspire, and perform with our young musicians. We are delighted that some great musicians who have experienced what we do have become ambassadors to advocate for the work we do across the city.