Instrumental Lessons

My child is starting to learn an instrument for the first time. How will I know when my child's first lesson is?

Your instrumental teacher will contact you to give you details about your child’s first lesson and to confirm instrument details and music required. We aim to start new pupils as soon as possible. However, if this is not possible, we will advise you that your child has been placed on a waiting list. Applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis.

I have requested the hire of an instrument from Create Music. How will I get the instrument from you?

If we have confirmed that we are able to provide you with an instrument, the teacher will bring the instrument to your child’s first lesson where possible, but you can also collect from our offices in Brighton and Lewes. 

How do I know what size instrument my child needs?

If the instrument is made in different sizes the teacher will assess which size would be most suitable for your child. You will be informed so that arrangements can be made to obtain the correct instrument. 

Is it necessary for me to have any musical knowledge in order for my child to learn to play a musical instrument?

No specific knowledge is required as support and encouragement can be provided in many other ways. 

Can my child swap to another instrument if they are not enjoying their lessons?

You will need to make a new application for lessons on a different instrument and follow the terms of withdrawal in your Tuition Agreement for the lessons no longer required. You may wish to establish whether the instrument that your child wishes to learn is available at your school and whether there are places available for new lessons before withdrawing from existing classes. 

My child is at primary school and cannot remember the day and time of their lessons?

Instrumental teachers will provide primary schools with a copy of their timetable and will notify the school when lessons will start each term and of any planned cancellation of lessons. Your child’s school should be contacted in the first instance for this information. Parents of pupils who are beginning tuition will have been contacted by the teacher directly with arrangements and requirements for lessons. 

My child has just started secondary school and does not know where and when to go for their lessons?

Timetables with lessons times will be displayed on the Music Department noticeboards in the first few days of term. Please make sure your child checks the notice board before the day they would usually have their lesson. Year 7 pupils should ask the Head of Music for help if they are experiencing difficulties. Recruitment meetings for year 7 pupils wishing to enrol for lessons will be held at all secondary schools during the first few days of term. Your school will inform you of when the meetings are to take place. 

My child didn’t receive a lesson last week. Will I get a refund?

We guarantee to offer 30 lessons during the 38-week academic year. At certain times throughout the year teachers are engaged in other activities such as Discovery Recitals and Summer School. If you feel that this has not been achieved, please tell us in July and we will check the registers and arrange any credit due on your next invoice. The number of lessons offered termly may vary but will total 30 over the academic year. 

I would like to speak to my child's teacher?

Please contact the service at any time and we will arrange for your child’s teacher to call you. 

Can my child learn two instruments at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to learn more than one instrument. However, it is not generally recommended to start learning two instruments at the same time. Some instruments may not be suited to learning alongside one another - it is best to check with your instrumental teacher if you are thinking of taking up an additional instrument. Remember it is important to allow enough time to be able to practice both instruments! 

My child is particularly keen. Is it possible to have a second lesson from a different teacher?

We would not recommend that your child has lessons with two different teachers as it can be difficult to follow two different approaches. However, we do encourage students to join one of our Music Centres at the earliest opportunity where learning can be enhanced through group and ensemble activities.

Music Centre Membership

What activities are available for my child?

Please explore the information on Music Centres on our website. Alternatively contact us by phone or email to request that information be sent to you. 

Can my child join the Music Centre if we live outside East Sussex?

The Music Centre Team Leaders will be pleased to consider applications for pupils whose parents are not residents of Brighton & Hove or East Sussex. However, parents will not be eligible for our Subsidised Tuition Scheme.


Can I pay by Switch/Debit/Credit card?

Payment by credit/debit card can be made via your online parent account (SpeedAdmin). Your login details are sent with your termly invoice via email. If you have not received your login details, please let us know by emailing

Who should my cheque be payable to?

Please make cheques payable to Brighton Dome & Festival Ltd.