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Musa Mboob

Bollo Sound and Vision

Bollo Project explores the creativity of traditional West African Music making into wider practice through improvisation and combined sharing.

Initiated in 2017 by Gambian Master percussionist Musa Mboob, Bollo means an interaction between two cultures working together for common goal in the creativity of music. 

Over the past few years, Musa has assembled his Bollo Project team by bringing musicians and educators to The Gambia to learn and play with the musicians there, add their own creativity and then pass on these musical approaches back in the UK through a series of concerts showcasing the music and dance created from the project. 

Over 50 musicians from different parts of Africa and other world music partitioners have since worked with the project with facilitated workshops in over 10 schools and engaged over 1000 school children.



Social handles: 

FB: Musa Mboob

Instagram: xamxam

Facebook: Africannightfever