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Andrew Ferguson

aka Nomine aka Outrage, Education and Bass

Andrew Ferguson (aka Outrage, also known as Nomine), is a respected figure in the UK's dance music scene, with a career that spans nearly three decades. His journey has taken him from pirate radio owner to DJ, producer, label owner, promoter, teacher, and education provider business owner, making significant contributions to the industry. Starting as DJ Rage in 1995, he established Shock FM, a pirate radio station that quickly gained attention. At just 16, he embarked on international tours, captivating audiences worldwide. With a passion for jungle and drum & bass, he transitioned to Outrage, out of respect for MC Rage and to maintain clarity among audiences.

In the mid-2000s, Outrage played a pivotal role in the J-Tek movement, blending jungle and techno sounds. As Nomine, he explored diverse musical styles, gaining global recognition. Now, as Outrage, he has exciting releases lined up on some of the top labels in his chosen genres, such as Metalheadz Platinum, Function Records, Overshadow, Future Retro, his own Backlash label, and more, including his debut solo album on Function Records in 2024. As Nomine, various projects are in the works, combining the unique Nomine Sound, movement, and art.

In addition to his musical endeavours, Andrew established Education & Bass, an innovative music technology blended learning platform that supports alternative education programmes, special schools, prison education, and individuals facing physical or mental challenges. His commitment to inclusivity and accessibility reflects his belief in the transformative power of music. This belief stems from his own experience of struggling academically due to chronic anxiety and suspected type 2 bipolar disorder. He proved himself and others wrong by returning to education after initial failures, achieving a master's degree in advanced music technology and a PGCE teaching qualification. Andrew continues to push the boundaries of drum & bass, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and fostering positive change through his work with Education & Bass.

Insta: nomine_aka_outrage

Insta: educationandbass