Lessons in School


I’ve applied – what happens next?

Your instrumental teacher will contact you to give you details about your child’s first lesson and to confirm instrument details.  We aim to start new pupils as soon as possible. However, if this is not possible, we will advise you that your child has been placed on a waiting list. Applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis.


Will the lessons take place in school?

Yes, the lessons will take place within school within school hours. The school will provide a room for the Create Music teacher to use, and the teacher will contact both you and the music liaison at the school to let you know when the lesson will be taking place. If your child needs support to get to the lesson, please let the teacher know, so they can communicate this with the school.


How can I help practice at home?

Supporting your child to practice is a really helpful way to create a routine and enjoyment from practicing. Your child’s teacher will be able to suggest activities between lessons. There are other ways to support your child’s musical journey, which can involve listening to more music around the home, looking up information about the instrument and learning about it together, or joining one of the o360 or other music centre ensembles.


Is there a trial period for my child?

While we do not offer a trial period as such, you may cancel lessons after the first term, by following the terms of withdrawal as stated in your Tuition Agreement. Please let us know by the following dates for tuition to finish at the end of that term:

  • 1st December to stop at the end of the autumn term (late December)
  • 1st March to stop at the end of the spring term (late March/early April)
  • 1st July to stop at the end of the summer term (late July)

To find out more about withdrawals, please see the withdrawal page. 


Can my child swap to another instrument?

If the teacher is able to offer that instrument, then yes that is possible. However if they don’t, you will need to make a new application for lessons on a different instrument and follow the terms of withdrawal in your Tuition Agreement for the lessons no longer required. You may wish to establish whether the instrument that your child wishes to learn is available at your school and whether there are places available for new lessons before withdrawing from existing classes. 


How is progress monitored?

Your child’s teacher will send a report after their first term working with your child, and then at the end of each academic year. All Create Music teachers give in the moment feedback during lessons, and if you wanted to speak to your teacher about your child’s progress, then this will be possible too, Please contact the admin team at admin@createmusic.org.uk at any time and we will arrange for your child’s teacher to contact you.   


What other opportunities are available? 

Create Music runs four Music Centres and a Music Summer School with lots of different options for making music in a group. o360 Ensemble groups, singing groups, and band groups. All of our spaces are inclusive and welcoming, but please do get in touch with us to speak about which groups may best suit your child, and what support needs there might be at admin@createmusic.org.uk

Instrument Hire

Can I hire an instrument for my child?

If your child is having lessons with a Create Music teacher, or is part of one of the o360 ensembles, then you can hire an instrument from Create Music. 

Create Music have a stock of instruments which are available to hire, including larger and more expensive instruments such as double basses, oboes, bassoons and French horns, subject to availability. Usually, the teacher brings it to your child’s first lesson and then they can take it home. You are responsible for the instrument during the hire period. ​

If you are interested in finding out more about obtaining an instrument through us, please add instrument hire to your basket when applying online or complete the instrument hire request form here. 


What are the hire costs? 

We charge the following fees 3 terms a year: Autumn, Spring and Summer.

  • £25 per term: - Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bassoon, Double Bass, French Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba and Oboe
  • £33 per term: - Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Cello, Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone

*Students in receipt of a bursary will receive free instrument hire on one instrument. 

Fees and Bursaries


What do lessons cost? 

Students attending special schools, or in receipt of an EHCP are eligible for a 20-minute individual lesson charged at the group rate of £101 per term (10 lessons.) 

When applying for lessons, select '20-minute individual' then tick the 'EHCP' check box on the registration form. If attending a mainstream school, we will contact your school for confirmation and update your account to the EHCP rate when received. 

Are there bursaries for low income families? 

Families on low incomes are eligible for discounts on the price of group lessons (including the EHCP 20-minute individual lesson rate), instrument hire and area music centre membership (one instrument per child). 

Bursaries are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to meeting financial criteria, for one activity each year, or part of a year. All bursary awards are subject to sufficient funds being available. 

To find out more and apply, please see our Help with Fees page.