Our Mission

At Create Music, the Music Hub for Brighton & Hove and East Sussex, our mission is to centre the voices of children, young people and adults in our cities, towns and villages. We inspire engagement with a diverse range of music genres and activities. We co-design, teach, develop and showcase participants by connecting them with teachers, youth workers, creative practitioners and cultural workers. We provide access to information, expertise, space and resources to facilitate learning and innovation in music. Our priorities include relevance to local identities, nurturing talent and exploring the synergy between high-quality provision and creative risk-taking.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a future where children and young peoples’ lives are forever transformed by the power of music, the value of belonging and opportunities without barriers.


Our values are the principles that underpin and drive our way of working. From our ethics to our behaviours they are important to our partnership and everyone that works with us.


WE ARE WELCOMING & RELEVANT - co-creating with young people and partners, ensuring there are lots opportunities for taking part and seeking out those who are not yet engaged.

WE ARE CARING & CREDIBLE – respectful and aware of the impact our actions have on others, we’re always considering equality, diversity, youth culture, accountability, transparency, and opportunities to learn and grow.

WE ARE CURIOUS & COURAGEOUS - seeking knowledge and best practice, testing new ideas and working across different sectors to keep our work dynamic and ambitious.

Did you know?

Music has the potential to transform lives. Whether it is through the enjoyment of mastering instrumental and vocal skills, the excitement of developing creative ideas, the experience of seeing and hearing world class musicians or the thrill of performing, getting involved in music can be a truly fulfilling and lifelong experience.

  • Music improves learning skills
  • Music is an educational building block
  • Music builds life skills
  • Music fosters team working
  • Music boosts pupil and social development
  • Music underpins better behaviour

What We Offer 

Our Music Groups and Centres offer something for everyone including: 

  • Instrumental ensembles
  • Orchestras, bands and choirs
  • Music technology
  • Music, film & animation